5 ways in which document imaging can help your business

1. Convenient and fast document retrieval improves customer service

The greatest reason to employ a document imaging system is to access your documents faster than before.
Document imaging services alongside secure storage means you have easy access at all times.

Maybe you’re on the phone to a client who is questioning a delivery? You can quickly locate the scanned delivery note and share it with your client thus improving your customer service.
Maybe you’re working at a different location or need to check something urgently while away from the office? With paper storage, you’d be at the mercy of the building. There are certain hours you can access your files, and you must be physically present to retrieve them. Document imaging will ensure that your files are stored and organised while still giving you easy electronic access, no matter where you are.

2. Better backup

Paper documents are always at risk from fire, flood, loss, etc. but how do you backup physical, paper files?
You could spend hours photocopying and storing files in your office, or you may not even be allowed to copy sensitive documents, thus prohibiting you from really backing up your files. With document imaging, you can create compliance regulated copies that are protected and secured. Through these document scanning services you can relax with the assurance that your files are always safe. 

3. Improved regulatory compliance

A good document management software will guarantee safe, compliance regulated documents are secured under pre-existing conditions. Regulations may have different stipulations, but keeping to rules and preventing security breaches is a key benefit to effective document scanning services. When choosing a document imaging system, make sure to check that they have compliance regulation at the forefront of their mission statement.

4. Improved collaboration and remote access

Covid-19 has driven a surge in working from home. No longer does collaboration mean being in the same room, at the same table, picking apart the same document.
Now, when team members collaborate, they can access a single file at the time of day or night that suits them best.
Not only does this enable working from home, but also greatly benefits the team by cutting down the amount of meetings and emails per day, and by extension, increasing productivity.

5. Reduce costs

For most businesses, it’s all about the money.
You may even be thinking it’s not worth it to switch to an online or cloud system when you have all your files within arm’s reach at your office. The convenience of being able to turn around and grab a file from the cabinet may be too much to pass up. But what about the cost of storing and cleaning your files on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? File cabinets take up space that can be used for desks, computers, or dining for employees. It also costs extra to protect paper files in a safe or a closely monitored area. Factoring in these costs can add up, which is why a document imaging is the best value for your money.