Welcome to our sample search engine which will demonstrate how quick and easy it is to find and retrieve scanned images using our online system.

Our [ISO/IEC 27001 compliant] databases and images are stored with Google and Amazon Cloud services, meaning that your data is automatically encrypted and replicated in many geographic locations and failover between copies are handled automatically.
Your data is protected and available 24/7 even in the event of a major failure.

There are just 5000 individual records you can search in this database, but we have databases with in excess of 4.5 million records currently in use.

Our service can be competely customised to your requirements and could be used to quickly retrieve any scanned documents such as invoices, delivery notes, credit notes, etc.

Although this example only searches on a fictitous invoice number, we can capture data from printed text or barcode from any form - even mixed forms

The use of such a system safeguards your documents, meets your document retention obligations and improves customer service through fast access to stored information.

Usage - Enter the 'Invoice' number that you want to search for and click on the Search button or simply press Return
Please note that in this demo most invoice numbers are seven digits long and start 134 or 135 - (you can also enter partial numbers if you like such as 1359)

If you receive an error page instead of a results page please let us know by email.