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Document Archiving

Still storing paper documents either on or off-site?
If so, our bureau service could save your company both time and money whilst increasing your document security, compliance and company efficiency.

Click here to learn more about document imaging.  If you know what it is but are unsure whether it’s right for your business, you can read about some of the advantages of document imaging.

Imagine being able to access your entire document archive in seconds right from your computer, or any computer on your network, all without the need for any extra hardware or expensive software.

The benefits of storing your files as document images are numerous, including:

  • Scanned images can be more secure than offsite storage with no single point of failure
  • Office space can be created by the removal of redundant filing cabinets
  • The time wasted searching for archived files can be used more purposefully – especially true when an off-site archive is currently used
  • Storing your files as images offers considerable savings compared to off-site hard copy storage over the required document retention period
  • Documents can be located in seconds without leaving your desk, even from remote locations using either a computer, tablet or even a smartphone.
  • Retrieved documents can be reprinted, emailed or inserted into word processing files, spreadsheets, etc. with just the click of a button
  • However your images are supplied (USB memory stick, USB HD or directly via SFTP) a copy can be simply stored in a secure off-site location or cloud storage, making your archive disaster-proof

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