All your document scanning, archiving and intelligent data capture requirements under one roof

Online Data Retrieval

There are occasions when having your scanned archives on either CD, DVD or hard drive just isn’t enough.  Maybe you have staff in regional offices who need fast access to stored information, or sales staff in the field who need to see a copy of an old delivery note to resolve an issue – in these circumstances online retrieval shines.

With our hosted services authorised members of your staff can search for and retrieve scanned documents using a PC, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone.

So how does it work?

In addition to supplying the scanned images and captured data, we make it possible for you to search all your data via a dedicated web page and to download the associated images with a single mouse click – we can also allow your clients to access their own documents, thus reducing requests made upon your staff.

We now use Amazon S3 cloud storage to ensure that your document availability and data security is ensured at all times.

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